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Launching Late Spring
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Oasis Dating : Make Your profile today and receive dating for a month for free when we go live in late Spring!

Discover cool, inviting oasis dating located in the middle of the online dating desert. Creating a profile is a breeze with Clicking Together and we will have you dating in no time.

Be minimalistic and make a simple profile or really shine and upload pictures and let Your prospective dates know just what a catch they are getting.

Online dating is easy, fun, safe and exciting. You can be dating any day of the week at an hour that suits you. No need to get dressed up and check for spinach in your teeth when you are checking out singles in your area and no need for that expensive taxi ride into town.

Kick sand in the face of singledom, come join us today and get dating anytime!
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Clicking Together takes you out of the desert to an Oasis Dating paradise.

Online dating is rapidly becoming the tool of choice when it comes to finding that special someone. Many of us have become tired of stumbling around in the barren wastelands that are the night clubs and pubs dating scene and we long for a cool, rich oasis full of likeminded singles who are looking for a serious relationship.

Clicking Together is such an oasis dating site. Whilst most dating sites sadly turn out to be just mere mirages full of advertising banners, Clicking Together has been hand crafted to provide a simple yet effective dating experience which will have you making contact with the right people right away.

Signing up for an account with Clicking Together is a simple form. The transition from looking for a dating site to being a member and browsing singles in your area is as painless as we can make it. If you decide that you would like to add more details about yourself above the standard form then go right ahead. You control your level of involvement, it is not dictated to you by our site. A cool Oasis Dating experience guaranteed.
Free for 1 month for early joiners.

Clicking Together is a 'Pay to Participate' site. We feel it is important for people to know that the singles they are contacting are serious about their search for a partner and are not just browsing and mailing because it's free. We have made the barrier to entry as low as we can (Just £9.99 a month) which is cheap if you are serious about investing in your future but expensive enough to keep the 'I'm just here for free lunch and see what else I can get' crowd away.

You will find that Clicking Together will constantly change as you use the site as we are constantly developing new ideas that will make it easier to you to contact and interact with other singles. Our dedicated web development team have been tasked with some fantastic projects and are working hard to make this site the best on the internet.

Whilst we are putting the finishing touches to the site we are inviting people to start making their way to our little Oasis Dating Experience. Anyone joining our site before we launch will receive one months free dating when we go live!

Launching soon, we are gifting 1 months free membership to anyone who makes a profile before we go live!
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