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Clicking Together

Create a profile today and get a month of free dating when we go live in late Spring!

If you have tried online dating before or you are new to the concept, you will find that Clicking Together is easy to use and a great way to make that all important connection to someone special.

Wanting to find singles in your area? Clicking Together can help you in just a few clicks.

It's easy to create a simple profile that will put you in touch with everyone right away. You can be browsing for potential dates in under a minute. Online Dating is the ideal, safe and a fun way for you to meet singles in your area.

Once you are ready you to take the dating scene by storm you can upload photo's of yourself. Stand out from the crowd, pen something interesting about yourself that will really get you noticed!
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Clicking Together brings you clean, simple Online Dating.

Whilst traditional dating is great fun, with all its ceremony of getting dressed up in your latest clothes, making sure that makeup and hair are perfect, spinach is removed from teeth, dancing moves are practiced in front of the mirror and your pockets are bulging with cash before you hit the town to break some hearts - it does seem to be limited to the weekend. Not only is it limited to the weekend but it also can be a tad expensive.

Imagine a world where you can be dating every night of the week, where everyone is single and everyone is looking for someone special. Imagine a world where you can get a good idea what a person is like before you talk to them, discover if you have similar interests, goal and aspirations before ever walking up to them to say hello.

That world is Online Dating with Clicking Together.
Get to know your date before you meet them.

Unfortunately, with traditional dating, people don't walk around with a personal profile floating above their head, so it's hard to know what a person is going to be like until a conversation has been struck. This is not a problem with Clicking Together. All our members can browse profiles and pictures to help them decide who they would like to contact, and once someone catches their eye, who fits the kind of person they would like to spend time with.... Well, a simple 'Hello' email is only a click away.

Not only can you browse profiles but you can make your own. This can be done with a few clicks, or you can go into detail about yourself and even upload photos and pictures to create a visual gallery to make sure prospective dates see that sparkle in your eyes.

Don't wait for the weekend to start trying to find someone new. Online Dating with Clicking Together is effortless and exciting, truly a place where singles click!

Launching soon, we are gifting 1 months free membership to anyone who makes a profile before we go live!
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